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  • News 2007

    December 2007
      6th Release of Shares from Escrow
      3rd Appendix 3B
    November 2007
      23rd Release of Escrowed Securities
      20th Results of Annual General Meeting
      19th AGM Presentation
      14th Correction to Initial Director's Interest Notice
      14th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      5th Lapsing of Options
      5th Final Director's Interest Notice
      2nd Initial Director's Interest Notice
      2nd Final Director's Interest Notice
    October 2007
      26th Reinstatement to Official Quotation
      26th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      26th Quarterly Activities Report
      26th POS Poseidon Acquires Additional Prospective Tenements
      26th Board Changes and Cancellation of General Meeting
      25th Suspension from Official Quotation
      24th Becoming a substantial holder
      23rd Full Annual Report
      22nd Trading Halt
      22nd Notice of Annual General Meeting&Proxy Form
      22nd Appendix 3B
      16th Appendix 3B
      15th Appendix 3B
      10th Exploration Update
      1st Full Year Statutory Accounts
    September 2007
      28th Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting&Proxy Form
      19th Final Director's Interest Notice
      7th Appointment General Manager Exploration and Board Changes
    August 2007
      28th Change of Directors Interest Notice x 2
      23rd Requisition to convene a general meeting
      23rd Exploration Update
      7th Priority Allocation for Dynasty Shareholders
    July 2007
      30th Ceasing to be a substantial holder
      30th Appendix 3B
      26th 4th Quarter Activities and Cashflow Report
      24th General Meeting Results
      24th Chairman's Address to General Meeting
      23rd POS Progress Report
      23rd Leverton Nickel Project Sale to Poseidon Nickel Ltd
      19th Becoming a substantial holder
      17th Withdrawal of Uranium International Ltd from Joint Venture
      16th Letter of Withdrawal from Uranium International Ltd
      16th Appendix 3B
      11th Uranium Exploration Update
      9th Letter to Shareholders
    June 2007
      29th Presentation June 2007
      26th Notice of General Meeting
      13th Irwin Seismic Program Commences
      7th Appendix 3B
    May 2007
      25th .3m Private Placement
      24th Trading Halt
      23rd Change of Director's Interest Notice
      21st Change of Director's Interest Notice
      9th Dynasty expands uranium exploration in Botswana
    April 2007
      30th Third Quarter Activities & Cashflow Report
      30th Capitalises on coal seam gas opportunity
      20th Appendix 3B
      16th Change of Director's Interest Notice
    March 2007
      21st Uranium Exploration Newsletter
      7th Exploration Update
      7th Appendix 3B
    February 2007
      20th Half Year Accounts
      9th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      7th Initial Director's Interest Notice x2
      7th Final Director's Interest Notice
      7th Appendix 3B
      1st Quarterly Overview Media Release
    January 2007
      31st Second Quarter Cashflow Report
      31st Second Quarter Activities Report
      30th Appointment of Director
      10th Response to ASX Query re Share Price
      8th Appointment of New Chairman