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  • News 2011

    December 2011
      19th Update to Scoping Study
      15th Positive Scoping Study for Spearhole Detrital Iron Project
      13th Trading Halt
    November 2011
      30th Farm-out Agreement Update
      10th Company Presentation
      7th Company Presentation
      7th CAP Cancellation - Incorrect ASX code Ann.No. 6A565673
    October 2011
      26th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      26th Quarterly Activities Report
      4th Appendix 3B
    September 2011
      30th Becoming a substantial holder x 2
      27th Becoming a substantial holder
      23rd Initial Director's Interest Notice x 2
      23rd Final Director's Interest Notice x 2
      23rd Final Director's Interest Notice
      21st Board Restructuring
      20th Results of Meeting
      15th Alternate Director Appointment
      12th Writ Discontinued
    August 2011
      26th Annual Report to shareholders
      12th Update on Beneficiation Testing at Spearhole
      12th Revised Notice of Annual General Meeting&Proxy Form
      11th Notice of Annual General Meeting&Proxy Form
    July 2011
      29th 2011 AGM, S249D Notices and Director Nominations
      27th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      27th Quarterly Activities Report
      11th Update on legal matters
    June 2011
      24th Placement - Cleansing Statement
      24th Appendix 3B
      14th Letter to Shareholders
      10th Placement and Writ Discontinued
      10th New Writ and s249D Notice
    May 2011
      17th Tenements included in Farm-out Agreement
      13th Farm-out Agreement Signed for Non-core Base Metal Tenements
    April 2011
      29th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      29th Quarterly Activities Report
      20th Company Secretary Resignation, Change of Registered Office
      8th Letter to Shareholders
      1st Successful Shallow Seismic Survey on JV Tenements
    March 2011
      28th Appointment of Company Secretary and CFO
      25th Initial Director's Interest Notice
      25th Final Director's Interest Notice x 3
      24th Appointment of Executive Chairman and Writ of Summons
      22nd Board and Management Restructuring
      21st Results of Meeting
      18th Independent Chairman Appointment
      16th Half-Year Financial Report 31 December 2010
      11th Director Statement
      9th Response to Shareholder Circular
      2nd Shareholder Circular - Chinese Translation
      1st Shareholder Circular
    February 2011
      25th Appendix 3B
      24th Independent Board Committee Established
      17th Appointment of Joint Company Secretary
      14th Response to ASX Query
      8th Appendix 3B
      3rd Notice of General Meeting
      2nd Notice of Meeting - EGM
    January 2011
      31st Quarterly Cashflow Report
      31st Quarterly Activities Report
      27th Trading Halt
      27th Test Work Results Update
      17th Board Restructure
      12th Becoming a substantial holder
      6th Appointment of Alternate Director