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  • News 2006

    November 2006
      28th Results of Meeting
      28th AGM Presentation
      24th Uranium Exploration Update
      23rd Appendix 3B
      16th Appendix 3B
    October 2006
      31st Notice of Annual General Meeting
      31st First Quarter Cashflow Report
      31st First Quarter Activities Report
      31st Annual Report
      27th Drilling commences at Bright
    September 2006
      29th Appointment of Managing Director
      29th Annual Report
    August 2006
      8th Uranium Exploration Update
    July 2006
      28th Fourth Quarter Cashflow Report
      28th Fourth Quarter Activities Report
      12th Appendix 3B
    June 2006
      23rd Notice Under Section 708A
      9th Finalisation of Placement
      9th Appendix 3B
      7th Placement
      7th Appointment of Exploration Consultant
    May 2006
      5th Appendix 3B
    April 2006
      27th Third Quarter Cashflow Report
      27th Third Quarter Activities Report
      27th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      13th Response to ASX Query
      13th Iron Ore Agreement with Atlas Iron Limited
      13th AGO Atlas Expands Pilbara Landholdings
      10th Bendoc Gold Project Drilling Results
    March 2006
      31st Uranium Exploration Update
      13th Half Year Accounts
      2nd Change of Director's Interest Notice x 3
    February 2006
      28th Final Director's Interest Notice
      28th Director Resignation
      21st Option Entitlement Issue 17 Jan 2006
      15th Drilling progressing at Bendoc
      13th Appendix 3B
    January 2006
      31st Second Quarter Cashflow Report
      31st Second Quarter Activities Report
      10th Letter to Shareholders Option Issue
      6th Disclosure Document
      6th Appendix 3B - Non-renounceable option entitlement issue