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  • News 2015

    December 2015
      23rd Completion of Transaction With Nong Biao
      18th Proposed Placement of Securities
      7th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      1st Change of Director's Interest Notice
    November 2015
      23rd Update on Agreement with Nong Biao
      4th Change of Director's Interest Notice
    October 2015
      13th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      13th Quarterly Activities Report
    September 2015
      30th Final Director's Interest Notice
      30th Appendix 3B
      25th Results of Annual General Meeting
      24th Board Changes and Withdrawal of AGM Resolution
      23rd Lapse of Options
      18th Heads of Agreement with Nong Biao Ltd
    August 2015
      26th Notice of Annual General Meeting&Proxy Form
    July 2015
      31st Appendix 4G and 2015 Corporate Governance Statement
      31st Annual Report to shareholders
      24th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      24th Quarterly Activities Report
      23rd Initial Director's Interest Notice
      23rd Changes to the Board
      22nd Ceasing to be a substantial holder
      21st Change in substantial holding
      17th Issue of Shortfall Shares
      17th Appendix 3B
      3rd Appendix 3B
    June 2015
      30th Change in substantial holding
      29th Change of Director's Interests Notices
      25th Renounceable Rights Issue Close of Offer and Subscriptions
      9th Rights Issue Offer Document
    May 2015
      29th Renounceable Rights Issue - Letter to Shareholders
      28th Renounceable Rights Issue
      28th Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
      26th Becoming a substantial holder
      22nd Withdrawal of Rights Issue
      22nd Private Placement and Non-Renounceable Rights Issue
      22nd Appendix 3B and Cleansing Notice
    April 2015
      29th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      29th Quarterly Activities Report
    March 2015
      16th Half-Year Financial Report 31 December 2014
    February 2015
      27th Response to ASX Appendix 5B Query
      5th Becoming a substantial holder
    January 2015
      30th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      30th Quarterly Activities Report
      30th Placement to sophisticated investors
      30th Appendix 3B and Cleansing Statement