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  • News 2009

    December 2009
      24th Change of Director's Interest Notices
      24th Appendix 3B
      2nd Lapsing of options - Appendix 3B
    November 2009
      27th Clarification of Drilled and Exploration Targets
      26th Appendix 3B
      24th Results of Meeting
      24th Chairman's address to Annual General Meeting
      24th AGM Presentation
      16th Regional Exploration Update
      5th Exploration Updates
    October 2009
      30th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      30th Quarterly Activities Report
      30th Amended Quarterly Activities Report
      28th Appendix 3B
      28th Annual Report to shareholders
      22nd Notice of Annual General Meeting&Proxy Form
      15th Assay Results Confirm Continuation of High Grade Iron Ore
      9th Appendix 3B
      1st Full Year Statutory Accounts
    September 2009
      30th High Grade Iron Ore Intersections at Prairie Downs
      28th Trading Halt
      28th Appendix 3B
      24th Significant Detrital&Channel Iron Deposit Discovered
      10th Appendix 3B - Quotation of currently Unlisted Options
    August 2009
      26th Iron Ore Drilling Program Commences
      19th Shareholders Update
      5th Appendix 3B
      3rd Quarterly Cashflow Report
      3rd Quarterly Activities Report
      3rd Non-Executive Chairman Appointed
    July 2009
      24th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      24th Ceasing to be a substantial holder
      14th Letter to shareholders - Pilbara Update
      14th Dynasty Announces 30,000 Share Placement
      7th Change of Director's Interest Notice
      2nd Resignation of Director
      1st Positive Iron Ore Exploration Results
    May 2009
      1st Quarterly Cashflow Report
      1st Quarterly Activities Report
    March 2009
      16th Half-Year Financial Report 31 December 2008
    February 2009
      25th Dynasty Progresses Rebecca M Funding Offer
      17th Receipt of Deposit Under M Share Placement Offer
      16th TCM Drilling Update Feb 09
      12th Tiaro Joint Venture
      9th Dynasty Accepts M Share Placement Offer
      5th Trading Halt
    January 2009
      30th Quarterly Cashflow Report
      30th Quarterly Activities Report
      30th Change of Contact Details